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CEO of DSP Natural Health Products

Executive Director of the DSP Natural Health Products Aylin (Ilana) Sheyked has been working in the field of psoriasis treatment for 20 years. Aylin has devoted her professional life to the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases with natural medicines. In 2000, she founded the company “DSP Health Products Ltd”. Since then, she is the executive director of the company and the contact partner of Division R & D (research and development activities) of PsoEasy products. Aylin manages the company since the company's founding in 1997. She is a partner of the world-renowned AHAVA Israeli company that manufactures cosmetics based on the natural Dead Sea products.


No steroid or tars
No side effects
Over 20 natural active ingredients
Dead sea minerals
Clinically tested

Psoriasis therapy

The daily skin care for psoriasis is also possible at home. The natural resources can help with it. These are special creams, lotions, medications, shampoos, oils, healing baths or light psoriasis therapy.

Psoriasis treatment without cortisone includes:
- nourishing the skin and sufficiently moisturise;
- softening the skin using the PsoEasy cream and removing crusts carefully. This ensures a rapid retraction of the creams and lotions. Scales should be removed very carefully to avoid skin irritation.

You should follow the instructions for using the agents and drugs that treat psoriasis. Sometimes it takes a long time to find a suitable psoriasis treatment without cortisone because certain remedies for psoriasis are not right. If the symptoms are weak or moderate in severity, psoriasis can be treated naturally. Only natural products containing Dead Sea minerals, plants and essential oils should be used. PsoEasy products from Israel show very good results in psoriasis therapy. We recommend you to find out more about this disease, to get advice from the doctor, to visit centers of psoriasis patients: here you will receive psoriasis therapy.

Other methods of psoriasis treatment

But there are other methods that allow to alleviate the disease process:
- to protect skin from possible infections, skin injuries and inflammation. It should be immediately and properly cured
- to maintain your scalp. Primarily the affected psoriasis scalp should be treated, not hair
- to cut your nails short to prevent the spread of psoriasis
- excessive tanning is harmful. Limit your time in the sun

- you should inform yourself about possible side effects of drugs. Some medicines may worsen the psoriasis symptoms

During the clinical trials, no direct link has been found between diet and the disease. Refusal of certain products in many cases can help in the psoriasis treatment. Dermatologists recommend patients a balanced diet to stay healthy and feel good. Protect your skin thoroughly in psoriasis.

Measures for psoriasis therapy

The following measures will help to stop the emergence of new foci, and reduce symptoms of this skin disease:
-you should immediately treat all infections because they can cause new foci of psoriasis. Acute pharyngitis is particularly dangerous
- if it is possible, avoid stressful situations because they can worsen psoriasis symptoms
- skin injuries and irritation should be avoided. They are sources for the emergence of new wounds or for the deterioration of the old. Tight shoes, clothing, belts or headgear lead to skin irritations
- use an air humidifier at home, that improves the humidity and prevents the skin drying at the same time. PsoEasy natural creams and lotions can be used for psoriasis therapy.
- sunbathing should be avoided to prevent skin redness or inflammation. Once or twice a year, you should contact your doctor to evaluate the disease progression or make any additional testing. Psoriasis affected skin should be protected with sunscreens.

Many men and women are equally affected. Our goal is to promote a good quality of life. Here we inform you that you can cure psoriasis naturally. Treatment without cortisone. Without tar. Without side effects. Discover the power of Dead Sea minerals!