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The appropriate choice of treatment for body psoriasis that depends on the severity of psoriasis, including psoriasis on body, eczema, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, sticking to the highly important rules and, in the end, understanding of the overly different sides and special aspects of psoriasis have provided significant advancement and success in the treatment of this disease. We offer you to get to know about our special kit of products developed for treating skin problems on various body parts, including psoriasis on body. The kit above includes a set of psoriasis treatment products.

Body Treatment Kit
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Soap Bar + Active Cream + Mild Natural Oil
This package includes a set of products necessary for the treatment of different body skin conditions. Save a shipping cost versus buying all products separately.
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3 steps to treating psoriasis effectively

For attaining positive effect in the topical treatment of body psoriasis it’s essential to purify, moisturize and nourish the skin. This is why our skincare kit exclusively  contains three natural products and each of them conducts our ultimate aim – the longest remission possible. If you are you looking for treatment for psoriasis on body - you stumbled upon the right web page!


PsoEasy Soap Bar – A unique combination of powerful active plant extracts, algae and our formula composition™. It contains natural components, which allow for skin cell renewal and restoration of the skin's external appearance. It significantly helps eliminate psoriasis patches on body. This special soap is handmade according to traditional method that includes a slow, 3 weeks drying process, which enhances the soap's active ingredients and effectiveness on the skin. This soap is distinguished by its ability to penetrate skin pores, cleanse and purify skin thoroughly.


PsoEasy Active Cream is designed to relieve dry, itchy, red and cracked skin which is mainly triggered by psoriasis on body and  prevents the emergence of psoriasis spots all over body. This cream contains more than 20 natural ingredients made from plant extracts, essential oils and Dead Sea minerals which diminish effects of psoriasis on the body. The uniqueness of this cream lies in its high active ingredient concentration level (approx. 39% or 40,000 mg/ 100gr.) This formula contains our unique formula composition™.


PsoEasy Mild Natural Oil is designed to relieve dry, itchy, red and cracked skin. Using this oil as well as body psoriasis lotion improves skin hydration and softness, eleminating body psoriasis symptoms. This Oil contains Sea Buckthorn oil, Calendula Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea tree oil and many other essential oils. Be careful!! It can stain clothes when not completely absorbed by the skin. 



Soap all the body and rinse it off


Dry your body with a clean towel


In the morning, apply cream to the affected areas until it is absorbed completely


Before going to bed, drop some PsoEasy oil on your hand


Apply it to the affected areas of the skin


For the optimal effect follow these steps throughout 14 consecutive days


Why choose our PsoEasy Body Treatment Kit?

All our products are 100% natural
More than 20 natural ingredients
Dead Sea Minerals
Medicinal plant extracts
No steroids, parabens or tar
More than 40% of natural active ingredients
No risk for children and pregnant women
Can be used in combination with other therapies
Do not produce allergic reactions

 Tips to alleviate psoriasis all over body

In order to increase the duration of remission of  patients with psoriasis, especially body psoriasis and reduce psoriasis breakout all over body, doctors strongly recommend to apply number of simple rules on a daily basis which will ensure the effectiveness of treatments to relieve the symptoms of the condition. Here are some techniques and tips that every person with psoriasis should know: 

- In addition to day-by-day hydration of your skin with a cream, we recommend to use a humidifier to keep the air from your home or office moist. This technique will keep your skin supple, nourished and hydrated enough as well as make psoriasis plates disappear faster. 

 -Be careful when using perfumes. Most soaps and perfumes contain dyes or other chemicals that can irritate your skin and aggravate your body psoriasis. As a result,  the use of these products can aggravate your body psoriasis. Dermatologists recommend that patients should avoid using this type of products or choose products  specifically designed for sensitive skin.

- A healthy diet can play a very important role in the management of psoriasis all over body. Removing red meat and high-fat food from your diet can reduce the flare-ups of the disease and whole body psoriasis risk since in some cases these foods are considered psoriasis triggers. Coldwater fish, seeds, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids are widely known for their ability to reduce inflammation and psoriasis on body.

-Any chronic illness like psoriasis can be a source of stress. Now that stress itself can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis and quite often it turns into a vicious circle. A great  number of studies on psoriasis show that stress reduction practices allow patients to prolong periods of remission.

 -Alcohol consumption is considered to be one of the main triggers of psoriasis, mainly psoriasis on body. According to the studies conducted, people who consume alcohol are twice as likely to develop psoriasis compared to people who do not drink. Similarly, smoking may increase the risk of psoriasis onset. If you already have psoriasis, smoking can make your symptoms more severe.
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