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Camphor for psoriasis

camphor oil eczemaCamphor oil is a unique product. It is used for therapeutic purposes both in medicine and in cosmetics. It is extracted from camphor laurel wood – wood, which grows in Japan, China and Indonesia. All laurel trees have a strong odor, emit large amounts of essential oils and volatile production. Camphor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, disinfects and reduces pain, it can be used for many diseases.

What is camphor oil?

Miracle ester is produced from the eastern camphor tree. Its chemical composition prescribes its property, which it has when applied to the skin:

  • Camphor is a ketone terpene series, which is known for its calming effect on the nervous system: thanks to the large number of this substance in the oil, the ester quickly calms very irritated and inflamed skin, removes signs of fatigue;
  • Cineole rejuvenates and stimulates the growth of young, new cells, actively smoothes uneven relief of the epidermis, eliminates wrinkles;
  • Safrole has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, so the main function of camphor oil is to heal inflammation, acne, pimples and other skin rashes;
  •  Pinene makes the skin extremely smooth, even silky;
  •  Phellandrene helps cells to intensify the process of production of collagen, elastin fibers, resulting in suspension of already running aging processes;
  •  Camphene regenerates damaged tissues, possessing regenerative properties;
  •  Bisabolol improves complexion, eliminating unpleasant redness, pigmentation;
  •  Bisabolol limonene helps to whiten the skin.

Amazing chemical composition makes camphor oil a real boon.

Camphor oil for skin

Camphor oil is used for medicinal purposes for a long time and successfully. It has pronounced anti-bacterial, annoying cleaning and wound-healing properties. By providing a rush of blood to the affected area, it causes a local increase in temperature. This allows you to use it with myositis (muscle inflammation), neuralgia, arthritis, and for the prevention of bedsores.

Since this extract of camphor laurel is able to disinfect and heal wounds, it is widely used for the treatment of diseases associated with the skin disorders such as psoriasis treatment.In psoriasis it is used to influence plaques and especially for the healing of skin damage occurring in exudative psoriasis. Camphor oil is a highly needed component for natural remedies for body psoriasis.

Camphor for psoriasis can be used as an external agent, mitigating the manifestation of the disease. It can be used as a standalone preparation and can be part of other ointments, compresses and lotions.

White camphor oil is particularly effective in the care of oily, problematic, impure and acne prone skin. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to get rid of acne and prevent the emergence of new ones. In particular camphor oil regulates the sebaceous glands and has a deodorizing effect in excessive sweating skin.

Furthermore, camphor oil can be used in fat, but aging, sluggish and tired skin. Also use of camphor oil helps to whiten the skin, lighten freckles and other pigmented spots.