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best shampoo psoriasis scalp
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Over 20 Ingredients
in our formula
mahonia for psoriasis
Mahonia aquifolium
Antibacterial and rich with oxyacanthine
calendula for psoriasis
Calendula officinalis
Effective for treating acne, dermatitis
sarsaparilla for treatment of psoriasis
Smilax aspera
Disinfects and treats skin problems
tea tree oil for psoriasis
Tea tree oil
Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
nettle for new psoriasis treatment
Assists for chronic skin diseases
wheat germ oil for psoriasis treatment
Wheat germ oil
Antioxidant, nourishes the skin
chamomile for psoriasis
Heals skin ulcers, wounds and burns
rosemary for psoriasis as a great over the counter psoriasis treatment
Antifungal and anti-inflammatory
goldenseal for psoriasis
Golden seal
Effective for treating skin disorders
chickweed for psoriasis
Soothes the skin, heals wounds
sea buckthorn oil for best treatment for psoriasis
Sea-buckthorns oil
Anti-aging agent and revitalizer of the skin
arniсa for psoriasis
Soothes inflammation and pain and is highly effective in treatment for psoriasis
lavender oil for psoriasis
Lavandula oil
Disinfectant / antibacterial agent
aloe vera for psoriasis
Aloe vera
Stimulates wound healing
african palm oil for psoriasis
African palm tree oil
Repairs damaged and eroded cells
shea butter for psoriasis natural treatment
Shea butter
Anti-inflammatory, helps blur scar marks
grapeseed oil for psoriasis
Grape seed oil
Nourishes and protects the skin
camphor for psoriasis
Camphor oil
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
dead sea minerals and psoriasis
Dead Sea Salt
Calm the skin, remove toxics, heal wounds
vitamin d for treatment for psoriasis
Vitamin D in psoriasis light treatment
Soothes erythema of the skin
in our formula
dead sea salt for psoriasis
Minerals of the Dead Sea
Mud, minerals and salt (potassium)

Chamomile for psoriasis

chamomile psoriasisChamomile refers to annual plants aster family. The popularity of this plant provides excellent healing properties of chamomile. Usefulness of chamomile is well known since ancient times. For treatment are used chamomile flowers, composed of: chamomile essential oil, the content of which is 1%, carotene, vitamin C, tannins, acids – oleic acid, salicylic, palmitic, stearic, bitterness, glucose. With this set, chamomile benefit is obvious: simple flower has a remarkable antibacterial activity, high medicinal value.

Chamomile oil for skin

Chamomile has: choleretic and diuretic, diaphoretic, normalizing effect, the ability to treat diseases of the liver, bladder, kidneys, calming effect on the nervous system, anti-allergic effect, excellent cosmetology properties.

Chamomile is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Chamomile is used for diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver, bladder, for colds, well proven at menstruation delay, for various allergies.

Chamomile benefits for the skin

Chamomile is a versatile medicinal plant, from which you can prepare infusions, decoctions, tinctures, teas, solutions for wiping, compresses and much more. That is, the drug on the basis of this fragrant and beautiful perennial is suitable for both internal and external use. People always come across this very plant when looking for how to treat body psoriasis. Chamomile helps with arthritic and rheumatic affections of the joints, relieves pain and swelling, relaxes and tones muscles. It is effective in various skin diseases (eczema, abrasions, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc.). It relieves pain, itching, promotes rapid healing.

As nothing else chamomile will help in case of pustular psoriasis treatment, having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant action.

In cosmetology, it is valued due to the content of the following components.

  1. Carotene. It makes the skin smooth.
  2. Hamazulen. Thanks to it chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, it is a natural antihistamine.
  3. Sesquiterpenic alcohols and hydrocarbons. On the skin they form a protective film, protecting it from irritation.
  4. Choline. Wound healing component.
  5. Flavonoids. They are able to withstand UV radiation and reduce pigmentation.
  6. Caprylic and organic acids. The former are antispasmodics and antiseptics, while the latter – clean and lighten skin.
  7. Coumarins tone the skin.
  8. Listerin improves oxygen metabolic processes of the epidermis.
  9. Polysaccharides – moisturize.

All these substances contained in a tiny flower, allow using chamomile for all skin types and in all cosmetic products.

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