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Chickweed for psoriasis

chickweed eczemaChickweed is a real storehouse of nutrients. It contains many groups of vitamins, organic acids, saponins, tannins, wax, essential oils and lipids. Chickweed contains minerals such as magnesium, iron and copper. The plant has soothing, emollient, diuretic and expectorant properties. Chickweed is used for blood stopping. In addition, the plant has choleretic and antiseptic effect.

Chickweed benefits

Chickweed restores the nervous system, lowers blood pressure if it is increased, has a positive effect on cardiac function. This plant is a tonic that strengthens the entire human body. And, what's most important, it alleviates psoriasis symptoms and conducts psoriasis treatment.

Despite the fact that official medicine does not often use Chickweed for medicinal purposes, in traditional medicine many experts liken its properties to those of the well-known healing ginseng root. One should listen to this conclusion because achievements of traditional medicine are based on a century-old experience of our ancestors. In fact, chickweed has a range of medicinal properties and they include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound-healing and diuretic properties.

Chickweed cream psoriasis

In folk medicine it is used in a fairly wide range of diseases. Indeed, it contains vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, which is synthesized in the body in vitamin A and gamma-linolenic acid. And it is not only the antioxidant protection of the skin, but its regeneration and stimulation of the synthesis of collagen needed for skin. No less effective is external use of drugs containing chickweed for care of facial skin as cream. This cosmetic treatment cleanses the skin from acne, eliminates inflammation, pimples, sores, makes it clean, smooth, velvety and, of course, without wrinkles.

It should be noted that juice or extract of Chickweed is found in many medicines used to treat a number of skin diseases, because they have anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerating properties. Everyone is familiar with the discomfort on the lips or hands when they become weather-beaten, and the skin begins to crack. In such cases, most of us are enjoying the cream for hands and ordinary hygienic lipstick or a variety of soothing ointments; and few people know that the cream includes Chickweed. Preparations with juice and infusions of this unique plant treat a number of skin diseases: rash, boils, sores, cuts, sores, festering wounds, eczema, psoriasis. In this cases baths with addition of a strong infusion of Chickweed are very efficient because they relieve itching and inflammation of eczema, psoriasis and other similar diseases. Chickweed is unreplacable component in natural remedies for body psoriasis.