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It is always painful for parents to see their child suffer with psoriasis, eczema or seborrhea and properly answer the question 'How to treat child psoriasis?' Unlike typical children illnesses that can be cured, these skin conditions are autoimmune and can not be cured forever. Generally, doctors try to control psoriasis in children with topical treatments. On the one hand, the therapeutic needs are not differentiated in children and adults. On the other hand, topical treatments based on corticosteroids can cause a number of adverse effects, especially in children. PsoEasy Children Psoriasis Treatment Kit which does not cause any damage to the skin, is an effective natural alternative to the usual cortisone ointments and great psoriasis treatment for children.

Children Treatment Kit
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Active Cream + Mild Natural Oil
PsoEasy allows you to save a shipping cost when buying Children Package. Control children psoriasis with active cream and mild natural oil.
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2 steps to effective psoriasis in children treatment 

It is rare that adolecent and children psoriasis manifests itself after a throat infection due to a streptococcal bacterium. This type is known as psoriasis in drops. This type of disease has obtained this name since it emerges on the body in the form of squamous plaques that resemble raindrops. Many small red squamous plaques develop on a large surface of the skin, although usually the palms of the hands and plants of the feet are not affected. Appearance of any type of rash in a child requires consultation with a doctor to exclude other diseases that might resemble psoriasis.

If your child has been diagnosed with psoriasis, it does not mean that they will have to deal with all aspects of the disease as much today as in the future. It is likely that the symptoms will occur in  very small amounts or won’t occur at all i.e. only a few small plaques on the different areas of the body. It is nevertheless strongly advised by dermatologists to  hydrate and nourish the skin areas affected by psoriasis in children or eczema on a daily basis which helps to conduct psoriasis treatment for children.


PsoEasy Active Cream - designed to treat dry, pruriginous, red, cracked skin caused by skin conditions such as psoriasis in children or eczema. The vegetal formula of this cream contains more than 20 natural ingredients. More specifically, plant extracts, essential oils and minerals from the Dead Sea. The unique base of this cream is distinguished from other products by a high concentration of active ingredients (about 39% or 40 000 mg / 100 gr). This formula contains our unique composition formula ™ that is aimed at reducing psoriasis in children and providing effective psoriasis treatment for children.


Natural Soft Oil PsoEasy - is specifically adapted to rebalance skin that exhibits inflammation by causing such symptoms as dryness, itching, redness and cracking. Using this natural oil brings softness to the skin by regenerating it. It is very effective in psoriasis treatment for children. Among the many organic components of this natural oil we can mention rosemary oil, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil and other which are efficient especially in psoriasis in children. Attention: this oil can stain clothes, it is recommended to wait until the product is completely absorbed by the skin before dressing up.



Clean the body with warm water


Dry the body thoroughly with a clean towel


In the morning, apply cream on affected areas until it is absorbed completely


Before going to bed, drop some PsoEasy oil on your hands


Apply the oil on the affected parts of the body


For the best effect repeat the procedure for 14 consecutive days


Why choose our PsoEasy Children Treatment Kit?

100% natural products
Treatment suitable for psoriasis in children
Does not cause side effects
Rich in natural active ingredients
Does not cause allergic reactions
Contains no hazardous chemicals
May be used in conjunction with other therapies

Will my child still suffer from psoriasis?

The answer is probably yes, but with appropriate psoriasis treatment for children it is possible to take control of psoriasis in children. In addition, you should know that psoriasis can enter the remission phase (disappearance of symptoms) for no apparent reason. Each person has their own body cycles. You must imperatively understand what triggers the flare-ups of the condition and what treatment works for your child.

Nearly a third of children with psoriasis are able to identify one of the parents with psoriasis. It is estimated that if one parent has psoriasis the probability that the child is also affected is 15%. Therefore, we can claim that heredity greatly influences the emergence of psoriasis in children. If both parents have psoriasis this probability increases to about 75%. It is interesting to note that if a child is affected by psoriasis and neither parent has this disease, then there is about a 20% chance that his brother or sister will also have psoriasis. Indeed, this affection generally jumps one or several generations, but some by a family tie whose disease is transmitted by one or both parents.

Once you have decided what type of psoriasis in children treatment for your kid is the most appropriate to his situation (topical treatment with steroid ointments or natural treatment against psoriasis with natural cream), it is important to respect the doctor's instruction, although this may seem rather difficult and frustrating. Psoriasis treatment for children can only be effective if it is conducted according to the instructions. You should be aware that it usually takes some time until psoriasis treatments become effective and one finds a treatment that works for their child.

Please note that PsoEasy products do not contain any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction in children. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our support team. Please also note that this information is a guide when needed but should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice for psoriasis in children.

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