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What makes psoriasis treatment less effective?

Psoriasis emergence often causes panic and shock. Since the causes of the disease can not be detected with 100% certainty, the treatment is sometimes not effective. Despite the fact that medical experts have not yet found a way to cure this disease, clinical studies of the history, types and manifestations of the disease were quite useful in finding its treatment ways. Theorists and doctors identify a number of factors and causes that can "slow down" the therapy of a disease or make treatment inactive. Which of them can interfere with the treatment of psoriasis?

what makes psoriasis treatment less effective

Incorrect diagnosis (or lack thereof)

Like any disease, psoriasis requires a correct diagnosis. Even if you are an excellent Internet user and have read a lot of information about this disease, an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. Therefore, if there are any suspicions of this disease, it is necessary to see a dermatologist. Only after a medical examination and a number of tests, you can confirm or deny the fact of the disease. In addition, psoriasis manifests itself in different forms. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis, which implies conclusions about the stage, type of disease and the condition of the patient. It is carried out by a doctor and is a key factor in the individual selection of therapeutic methods to combat the disease.

Self-medication or treatment by non-traditional methods

If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, following your own treatment can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, in order to avoid aggravation of symptoms and deterioration of the general condition, it is important to understand the following risk factors. First, treatment should be carried out systematically as desultory treatment doesn“t produce any results. The second factor is the choice of drugs. Of course, each patient can purchase drugs for the treatment of psoriasis, but it is important to remember about the side effects it can trigger. It should be taken into account that hormonal and dermatological agents can only be used under the control of a dermatologist or a physician. The last thing that can impede your effective treatment is the wrong dosage. An insufficient dose may not be effective, and excessive is usually accompanied by a negative reaction of the body.

Incorrect diet and nutrition regime

In addition to medication and alternative ways of treating psoriasis, a diet is very important. Without dietary treatment alleviating your psoriasis is impossible. This term implies not only dietary products for weight control. Diet with psoriasis is a reusable (5-6 times a day) mode of food in small portions, as well as a special diet. The latter excludes citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate, ice cream, condensed milk, products of high quality flour, spices and sharp dishes, fried and greasy food. In addition, products that may cause allergic reactions, as well as salt and sugar intake should be excluded. There should not be too much protein-rich products in the diet. Low-fat meat is recommended everal times a week. Vegetables (except for the family of pastels): raw, boiled and steamed are quite useful. Fruits should be consumed in moderate quantities. Currants, strawberries, strawberries, blueberries and plums shoul be exluded. Overeating is contraindicated.

No physical overstrain is allowed

It's a widely known fact that life is a motion. This saying also concerns a life with psoriasis. Sedentary work and the absence of minimal physical activity often aggravate the general condition of a patient. Considering the fact that the illness brings physical discomfort and distorts the appearance of a person, it is necessary to spend more time in the fresh air, run, walk and ride a bike, especially in the green areas of the city. Spending much time in the fresh air, on the sea or the mountains also have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease. Yoga classes, pilates, tennis are also recommended for alleviatin your psoriasis symptoms as well as workin out at a moderatw level gyms (restrainig also negatively affects your condition).

Stress and nervous tension

Everyone knows that going through stress can have tremendous consequences. In addition, prolonged nervous tension can act as a trigger of psoriasis or its exacerbation. Therefore, it is important to learn not to be overworried about what is happening and to eradicate stressful situations as much as possible. To normalize the emotional state, there are many means(meditation, respiratory therapy, etc.) that will help cope with tension. With severe stress, you can use sedatives. They should be taken after a consultation with your doctor.

Inappropriate skin care products, lack of hygiene

Skin with psoriasis requires special care. Therefore, the selection of hygiene products is a very important part of the treatment process. Avoid products with a high content of irritable components. It is desirable to use hypoallergenic soap, shampoo, shower gel and more. Avoid alcohol-based products so that prevent your skin from getting dry. The dominant characteristic of the product should be moisturizing. Creams and lotions should be natural and anti-allergenic. As for personal hygiene, you need to balance it. Taking a shower too

often as well as using too hot water aggravate your condition. The lack of hygiene can lead to infection of psoriatic lesions.

Exposure to weather conditions

It“s widespread among people to say that bad weather doesn“t exist and there are only different variations of this phenomenon. But for people suffering from psoriasis, sudden changes in climate, too high or low temperatures, wind, frost and excessive sunlight have very negative consequences. However, in the 21st century, there are enough means that can help protect your skin from adverse climatic conditions. Depending on the situation, it is necessary to use special protective creams (from cold and sunscreen), to wear hats, gloves and scarves during a cold season.

Bad habits

Smoking and aclcohol are barely useful for your health. They merely aggravate this disease. Therefore, quiting these habits is very important. Otherwise, treatment won“t produce any positive effect. It“s also recommended to eliminate passive smoking.


This factor has a very negative effect on any treatment process, including psoriasis therapy. As you know, it“s impossible to cure this disease but giving up is the easiest and the most harmful way out. After all, with proper treatment, you can achieve a stable and long-lasting remission. But depression prevents your condition from improving. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on something more pleasant than having the disease. Pay more attention to hobbies and pleasant spending time with close people. Psychological trainings will be useful for improving your psychoemotional state and if necessary, seeing a psychologist will contribute to depression prevention.

Rest and sleep

It is very important to properly organize your daily routine. It includes time for work, physical activities (jogging, gymnastics, yoga, etc.), the correct eating regime, rest and sleep. Excessive physical and intellectual overstrain also worsen the general condition of the patient, which adversely affects the treatment of the disease.


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