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Goldenseal for psoriasis

goldenseal psoriasisVernacular of golden seal: Golden seal Canadian, Golden seal.

Goldenseal Canadian is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows primarily in North America. Golden seal was traditionally used by Indians as generic medicament. This plant was used for fever, inflammation, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Currently, Golden seal extract is increasingly used as a hemostatic agent, but it is effective in against other diseases. With the purpose of treatment only the rhizomes are used.

Golden seal is a powerful tonic which is effective in the gastro-intestinal diseases, lowered immunity, internal bleeding, inflammation and hypertension. Preparations on the basis of Golden seal are prescribed as a stimulant during childbirth, digestive tract and upper respiratory tract inflammation, painful menstruation and menopause. Golden seal is also known for its anticatarrhal properties. This plant is often included to pharmaceutical drugs used for colds, mucous colitis, gastroenteritis, vaginal discharge. Golden seal is considered one of the best natural antibiotics. Golden seal does not cause immunosuppression and other side effects that occur with prolonged use of classical antibiotics. Moreover, it is a full adaptogen, but its “soft” corrective effect on the immune system allows to achieve positive results in immunodeficient conditions and oncologic pathology.

Goldenseal benefits

Golden seal is effective for the following skin diseases:

  • Deep, corrosive, spreading ulcers on the skin and mucous membranes, with thick, viscous, yellow pus. Compacted bottom of the ulcers.
  • This medicine is very useful in the treatment of malignant ulcers. In these cases, the patient’s life becomes easier, even when it is impossible to cure.
  • Golden seal Canadian eliminates stench, eases pain and stops the destruction of tissue.
  • Rashes, such as smallpox.
  • Lupus, ulcers, the formation of cancer.
  • Eczema on forehead along the border of the hair growth. The drug cures eczema with thick crusts.
  • The general tendency to profuse perspiration and unhealthy skin.
  • Hives throughout the body, worse at night.
  • Bedsores.

Golden seal is also often used in the treatment for psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis. Preparations containing Golden seal also have calming effect, help to relieve the itching, redness, eliminate rash. Patients who used drugs with Golden seal improved work of their nervous system, are getting better sleep, which also has a positive effect on body psoriasis treatment and improve the overall quality of life of the patient. Golden seal is also an excellent natural immune adjuvant.