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Lavender oil for psoriasis

lavender for scalp psoriasisLavandula (Lavender) is ancient Mediterranean plant widely used in various areas of medicine and cosmetics because of its healing properties. Discovery of this oil is associated with the name of Rene Marius Gattenfos who worked as a chemist in a small perfume company. One day during the experiments in the laboratory Gattenfos burned his hands and to remove a lot of pain dropped his hands in the first turned out to be handy vessel, which contained lavender oil. Chemist was shocked at how quickly the pain passed. In addition, later he had not even had burns and scars. This incident forced the scientist to engage seriously in the study of the properties of lavender oil and many others. Later there were found antiseptic, wound healing, soothing, and other useful properties of lavender oil.

No wonder Hippocrates highly valued medicinal properties of this plant. And during the epidemics of the Roman patricians body was rubbed with lavender oil, knowing that it will protect them. Lavender oil was also widely used during the First World War: it was used by doctors as an antiseptic for wound healing.

Lavender oil for scalp psoriasis

With the help of lavender oil can be treated psoriasis and eczema, acne or pimples. Besides, damaged skin heals without scarring and there remains no spots as this oil stops growth of bacteria causing skin inflammation and controls the amount of sebum – bacteria breeding place.

As in psoriasis rejection of the stratum corneum of the skin occurs much faster than its restoration, very important for the success of treatment is to control the ability of skin cells to recover. And as you know, lavender oil accelerates skin regeneration and wound healing. Lavender oil, as well as tea tree oil, stimulates the growth of new healthy cells, preventing the development or exacerbation of diseases of the skin. That is why it has a beneficial effect on body psoriasis treatment

Please see below complete list of therapeutic properties of lavender:

  • Effectively eliminates inflammation
  • Promotes healing
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Eliminates the increased dryness and flaking
  • Has antibacterial and antiseptic effect

Lavender oil enhances physical and emotional general state. It positively affects the nervous system; it is necessary to reduce the frequency of exacerbations of psoriasis and conduct psoriasis treatment.Besides lavender destroys such manifestations of the disease as depression, insomnia, nervousness and has a tonic effect.