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Nails psoriasis is not only a health problem, but also an aesthetic one. The nail bed, as well as the skin around the nails can take an unpleasant color and even get damaged. In order to treat nail psoriasis we have developed a special kit for this type of problem which on the one hand purifies the affected area and on the other hand fortifies your nails naturally.

Nails Treatment Kit
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Soap Bar + Mild Natural Oil
Buying the Nail Package saves you a shipping cost compared with ordering the individual products separately. Treat your nails with this 2 products.
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                       2 steps to effective natural psoriasis on nails treatment

Psoriasis of the nails can be manifested by the appearance of unpleasant symptoms as much on the nails of the feet as on the nails of the hands.Generally they become thicker by changing color and shape. Discover the main symptoms that characterize nails psoriasis:

• Color: nails may become green, yellow or brown. Also, underneath the surface of the nail small red or white spots may appear.

• Appearance: nails may become streaked. One can often observe the appearance of grooves or punctures on the surface of the nail.

• Separation: chalky materials can accumulate under your nail and consequently cause the nail to detach from the nail bed, which is very painful.

• Thickening: About one-third of people with psoriasis on nails suffer from fungal infections that cause nail thickening, breaks and cracks.

Some of these changes in nails can reduce the mobility of your fingers and toes. You may also experience sensitivity and pain in the nails. This can make it difficult to make any moves with your hands. If you suffer from psoriasis and you notice considerable changes in your nails, know that there is a natural psoriasis on nails treatment.

Clean and Purify

PsoEasy Soap Bar - this 100% natural soap, handmade and based on  traditional methods and is an extra soft product that has antibacterial properties that ensure the cleansing and purification of nails and skin damage around and provide psoriasis on nails treatment.  The active ingredients such as medicinal plants and algae used in the soap ensure the renewal of the cells of the epidermis and the restoration of the external appearance of  nails.

Moisturize and Fortify

Natural Soft Oil PsoEasy is a natural product designed to improve the overall condition of your psoriasis on nails. This oil supplies your nails with natural moisturizing and toning foods providing psoriasis on nails treatment. The composition of the product is a unique blend of oils such as tea tree, rosemary, calendula, sea buckthorn and others that strengthen your nails and effectively defend against outside aggressors which will provide efficient  protection against psoriasis on nails.

                                        Natural psoriasis on nails treatment


Crop the nails short


Wash your hands with PsoEasy Soap


Dry your hands thoroughly


Apply some drops of oil on and under the nail


Don`t rinse, let it be absorbed


Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a day


                              Why choose our PsoEasy Nail Care Kit?

Our health products are 100% natural
High Dead Sea mineral content
Unique blend of natural plant extracts
Do not contain hazardous substances
Does not trigger any side effects
Safe for pregnant women and young people

                              Tips to Soothe and Prevent Nails Psoriasis

Since nails grow quite slowly, it may take some time before improvements appear in the newly growing parts of your nail. You can also include phototherapy in your natural psoriasis on nails treatment (ultraviolet light is used to treat psoriasis of the skin and can also be helpful in nails psoriasis). Good regular care is the way for natural nails psoriasis treatment. Try the following tips: 

- Keep your nails on fingers and toes tightly trimmed
- Use a nail file to keep the edges of the nails smooth
- Wear gloves when cleaning or other work with your hands
- Dry your hands, feet and nails thoroughly
- Wear comfortable shoes with enough room for your toes
- Avoid putting on faux nails, it can aggravate the symptoms of nails psoriasis