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Psoriasis and New Year

And may psoriasis not be a hindrance to your happy New Year celebration ...

New Year is around the corner! This is a solemn event when we come together with our family and close friends. On New Year's holidays there is always much celebration fuss . These days we do not hesitate to enjoy your favorite dishes and drinks, hurry to buy gifts and decorate our houses with New Year's attributes. It's a time to laugh and love, but if we are not careful, this bright holiday can at once turn into our worst nightmare.

If you live with psoriasis, you know that vigilance and consistency are very important for your health. They help you cope with the symptoms, as well as avoid an outbreak of the disease. New Year’s celebration makes us forget about the daily routine and in the turmoil one can miss some important rules for maintaining psoriasis.


Psoriasis and New Year

What do you associate the New Year's Eve and the holiday itself with?

If winter consists in purchases, trips, gifts, entertainment and unrestrained fun for you, then in addition to positive attributes there are several factors that can affect the course of psoriasis. In this period of a year you can sleep less, consume more calories and alcohol, skip the necessary physical exercises, as well as therapeutic procedures. All this, besides stress, takes up the strength of the body, worsens your well-being and can trigger an outbreak of psoriasis.

But with careful planning and following some precautions, you can prevent the exacerbation of the illness during New Year holidays.


Holidays can bring stress

As a rule, holiday preparation period is quite a busy and saturated time. Besides the absence of your regular routine, there are many additional tasks that need to be performed which is why you may be concerned about excessive financial expenses. All this can cause stress, that is one of the main triggers of psoriasis. Therefore it is important that you control your psycho-emotional state during the holidays.

We have selected a few tips that will help you avoid or reduce nervous tension:

Look over your expectations. One of the causes of stress and disappointment in a holiday period is unrealistic expectations. Remember that you don’t need to make everything perfect and not all the people around you will instantly develop tons of love for each other especially if this wasn’t their thing before. Of course, sometimes miracles happen but even close people do not always share warm relations between one another. If your think that everything will be truly perfect and magnificent, you will certainly be disappointed. Make sure that the reality comes up to your expectations, that is, do not build up illusions.

✔ Simplify. Do you like all the fuss of New Year preparation? - then, you are lucky. But if holiday preparations make you experience stress, you need to make a holiday period a little easier. If you buy gifts, consider such options as gift cards or online purchases. If you do not like to spend time packing gifts, use gift bags. A celebration period is first and foremost a pleasant time spent with friends and family, and not just preparation for it.

✔ Properly distribute your finances. Before buying gifts, highlight the budget for gifts. Determine how much money you can spend and stick to this plan. If you are going to spend less than you did previously, consider gifts that are cheap. Remember that proper attention and a good mood are more important for your loved ones than the price of the gifts you bought.

✔ Take time for yourself. On the New Year’s Eve it's hard to find time for rest. Add at least 20-30 minutes for yourself in your daily schedule. Try to just lie on bed and think of something pleasant or listen to music and read. You need to do whatever you like, for example, taking a walk or having a massage. Whatever you choose, this time should be dedicated to yourself only.

If you decide to get a massage, it will be useful to know that it perfectly stimulates muscles, relieves nervous tension and helps reduce pain, especially if you have psoriatic arthritis, a disease that affects 30% of people with psoriasis.

✔ Use methods to reduce stress. Turn on your day, relaxing exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing practices or other relaxation techniques to reduce emotional stress.

To reduce the chances of psoriasis exacerbation during a celebration period you can make some adjustments to your "festive rhythm of life" during a celebration period.


Tips for holidays during New Year holidays

Moderate alcohol consumption

Celebration parties are known for plentiful alcoholic drinks and you will most likely want to try some. But everything should be consumed moderately. In addition, alcohol can cause an exacerbation of the disease and be incompatible with the medicines you take. Before drinking, consult your doctor. It is important to know if you can pamper yourself with a small amount of alcohol on holidays, or it's best to avoid drinking strong beverages.

Refuse to smoke

Many believe that smoking helps to cope with the stress that can occur when preparing for a holiday or other stressful situations. If you are inclined to smoke when drinking, it's important to remember that cigarettes are a proven trigger of psoriasis. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation. smoking can significantly aggravate your skin's condition. Therefore, it is better to think that the beginning of the New Year is a great time to get rid of this bad habit.

Be careful about your health

Winter is comprises not only holidays, but also catching colds, flu and other viruses. The presence of an infection in the body causes your immune system to be activated and focused on its elimination. For people with psoriasis, this can be fraught with consequences, in particular, aggravatioof the symptoms of the disease. An influenza vaccine is one of the precautions you can take to prevent an exacerbation of the disease.

Remember about healthy eating

Eating healthy foods improves the immune system and helps it fight infections. Some people observe an exacerbation of psoriasis symptoms as a result of the use of certain products. It is important to know what triggers your psoriasis flare-ups and avoid them even in small quantities. When you go to a celebration, you can bring healthy snacks with you if necessary. It is worth noting that overeating also affects the course of the disease. Keep your appetite under control, despite the abundance of food during a celebration.

Indoor climate control

Warm, heated air inside your house or office dries up your skin. If possible, use air humidifiers at home and at work (there are small humidifiers). In addition, at home it is useful to reduce the temperature of the heater to the lowest level, of course if you don’t freeze. It especially concerns night time of day.

Wear appropriate outdoor clothing

Cold and windy winter air provokes irritation and dries the skin. It is very important that it be covered with appropriate clothing: trousers, a long coat, a hat, a scarf and gloves. Put on "multi-layer" so you can remove unnecessary wardrobe items indoors. In this way you avoid overheating and excessive sweating, which may aggravate your psoriasis. Stay away from woolen fabrics as they irritate the skin. Choose clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton or silk, especially when it comes to underwear and sleepwear.

Moisturize the skin and drink plenty of water

During the cold months it is especially important to moisturize your skin. Be sure to choose hypoallergenic and greasy moisturizers. If you have problem areas, talk to your doctor about the better use of the moisturizer. Also, do not forget about drinking water, it is important to consume it in sufficient quantity all year round. This helps hydrate your body from the inside, which plays an important role in moisturizing the skin.

Follow your treatment plan

If you think that you do not have an opportunity to visit a dermatologist, still try to allocate some precious time. After all, if you do not do it on time, to pass daily therapeutic procedures or to receive necessary drugs for treatment, this can lead to deterioration of psoriasis symptoms which will eventually spoil your holiday. Therefore, it's best to follow your treatment plan. Talk to your doctor about what steps you need to take regarding the therapy, or what changes in the treatment process will be useful during New Year's holidays.

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