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PsoEasy treatment for psoriasis on face

Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and atopic dermatitis bring a lot of inconvenience to the patients. But if psoriasis emerges on the face, it can cause an actual psychological trauma as the lesions on this body part are the most noticeable. Fortunately, psoriasis on face is quite rare. Symptoms of this type of disease are very similar to those of seborrheic dermatitis and as a rule are manifested by scaly red spots. Psoriasis on face requires special treatment, as, unlike other parts of the body, the facial skin is thinner and more sensitive.

Face Kit
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Soap Bar + Active Cream + Natural Oil
Are you sick of your looking at your face covered in flakes and repulsive plaques? Do you want to finally bring your condition down? PsoEasy is here to help you
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3 steps to treating psoriasis effectively

Psoriasis on face most often affects the epidermis areas between the upper lip and the nose, the upper forehead lines as well as the areas next to the ears and the eyebrows. The treatment for psoriasis on the face requires special care as the facial skin is very sensitive. For this reason, dermatologists do not recommend the use of corticosteroid products since hormonal drugs can cause many side effects. PsoEasy offers natural treatment for psoriasis on the face with safe and effective means. 


PsoEasy Soap for psoriasis on the face is a unique combination of potent plant extracts, algae and our patented formula and this is why it's very effective in treatment for psoriasis on face. This product contains natural components that help regenerate skin cells and restore its appearance. The handmade PsoEasy soap for psoriasis on the face is made according to the traditional method with the help of slow drying throughout three weeks which makes it a perfect weapon for psoriasis on the face This process significantly increases the effectiveness of the therapeutic product active ingredients. Our natural soap deeply cleanses the skin as its distinctive feature is the ability to penetrate the pores.


PsoEasy Active Cream for psoriasis on face is designed to relieve the itching, redness, irritation and dryness of the skin. This cream contains over 20 natural ingredients, including plant extracts, essential oils and Dead Sea minerals. This product extreme effectiveness consists in its high concentration of active ingredients (about 39% or 40,000 mg / 100 g). Our unique treatment formula is included in the PsoEasy cream composition for psoriasis on face.


PsoEasy Mild Oil relieves itching, dryness, rashes, as well as irritation of the facial skin. The use of this natural oil helps moisturize and soften the skin and alleviate psoriasis on face. It contains vegetable oils of sea buckthorn, rosemary, calendula. Moreover, it contains tea tree oil and other essential oils that are incredibly useful for psoriasis on the face treatment. Caution: this product may stain the clothes. To avoid clothes staining, wait until it is completely absorbed.



Wash your face with PsoEasy Soap


Gently pat the face with a towel without rubbing it


Apply a thin layer of PsoEasy cream to the affected areas


For the cream to get absorbed by the skin most efficiently, you should gently massage your skin


Apply a few drops of PsoEasy oil to your hands, then spread it all over your face with massage moves


For obtaining best effects, repeat the procedure for at least 14 days


Why choose PsoEasy Face Kit?

100% natural products
High active ingredients concentration
PsoEasy products are compatible with other treatment methods
The products are safe for to use for pregnant women and children.
All the products are hypoallergenic
The products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals.

Tips for soothing psoriasis on the face

How to conceal psoriasis on the face?

Most often, the disease manifests itself on both the hands and feet or the scalp. In such cases, the affected areas can be concealed with clothes or a headdress. The patients with psoriasis on the face have the share the natural desire to hide the skin areas that have been affected by the disease which is why they use cosmetics. But the use of inappropriate cosmetics can slow down the healing process of psoriatic plaques. Thus, patients get into a vicious circle: without make-up the face will look ugly and applying concealing cosmetic products leads to longer therapy period. It is recommended to minimize the use of cosmetics as the affected skin areas heal up faster if they are exposed to air and sunlight.

How to protect your face from the harmful effects produced by weather conditions?

Depending on the season, the symptoms of the disease may exacerbate. Each season of the year has different factors that negatively affect the facial skin. Therefore, our recommendations have to be distinguished and with accordance with them the following:

- In the fall-winter period the facial skin suffers from wind and rain the most. For alleviating psoriasis on your face, also try to wear clothes with a hood and a scarf. Before going out be sure to use protective skin care.
- In spring and summer you should be careful with the high temperature of the air. Avoid prolonged face exposure to the direct sunlight. Spend more time in the shade and use sunscreens. However, we remind you that moderate sun baths are good for your skin.

What precautions have to be adhered to at home and at work to not let psoriasis on the face exacerbate?

Negative impact on the disease have the following:

- A long stay in rooms with very dry air, especially if they are poorly ventilated

- Chemicals evaporation and tobacco smoke which can increase skin inflammation

- Direct contact with industrial oils is harmful for the skin

Therefore, the above mentioned factors affecting he skin in a negative way should be avoided or at least minimized both at home and at work.

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