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Answer this short quiz and check how many people have the same point of view about treatment for psoriasis:
1) Is it possible to cure psoriasis?
2) Do you continue to use the products despite the side effects?
3) Did you try new psoriasis treatment which includes the Dead Sea minerals? Did it help you?
4) What psoriasis treatment helped you the most?
5) How interested are you in understanding the issue about psoriasis?
6) Is it important for you to know what the remedy for psoriasis was made of?
7) How do you deal with psoriasis in addition to the treatment?
8) Where do you search for information about psoriasis and its treatment?
9) On what do you pay your attention choosing the psoriasis medications?
10) Does the price of the treatment for psoriasis matter to you?
11) What source of information about psoriasis is the most accurate for you?

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