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Rosemary for psoriasis

rosemary oil psoriasisRosemary is an evergreen shrub with thin needle-like leaves and a pleasant aroma. The Mediterranean countries are the homeland of rosemary. The frequency of application and popularity of rosemary oil has grown over time as new features of this oil become known, in particular its ability to solve the problem of hair growth, to deal with human respiratory diseases, to reduce muscle pain and stimulate mental activity. Recently, rosemary oil, due to its antiseptic properties, became very actively used in cosmetics for skin and hair care.

Rosemary benefits

The healing properties of rosemary are widely used in traditional medicine. It is used in the gastro-intestinal diseases, disorders of the nervous system. Infusion of the leaves of rosemary is applied orally in diseases of the upper respiratory tract and asthma, and using the same infusion one can gargle in case of inflammatory diseases of the throat. In addition, the infusion strengthens heart contractions, temporarily raises blood pressure, and has a tonic effect. Rosemary is beneficial for unbalanced people, pregnant women and children, gets rid of anxiety, insomnia and loss of strength.

Rosemary has such essential oils, which have the greatest therapeutic effect; among them are eucalyptus, borneol, camphor, verbenone and alpha-pinene, which create a peculiar refreshing fragrance of rosemary. Carnosol, rosmarinic acid and rosmanol contained in it form a bitter taste. Also, rosemary contains a large amount of flavonoids – apigenin and luteolin. Taken together, these substances produce a therapeutic effect of rosemary.

It is no secret that the rosemary and essential oils contained therein are an excellent sedative as improve mood and help to calm down and relax. Not by chance a few drops of rosemary added during bath taking also have a therapeutic effect. In addition, it improves memory, so rosemary is prescribed for students to help during the sessions and passing of the exams, as well as students in schools throughout the school year.

The therapeutic effect of rosemary is known for a long time, it was brought into the house to the ill, as well as part of the process or holidays, at large gatherings of people. There is even an opinion that it is able to suspend the aging process, preserving youth. This herb contains phytoncids, which are antioxidants and hit the pathogenic bacteria.

Rosemary oil psoriasis

Rosemary oil helps to reduce sebum, and is perfectly suited to narrow enlarged pores; use of oil prevents appearance and formation of black spots on the face.
Also, having antiseptic properties, the oil can perfectly replace the standard antiseptic bought at the pharmacy. Besides, rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory effect, which perfectly cleanses the skin and helps to reduce rashes on the skin and, therefore, significantly helps in carrying out psoriasis treatment. With existing skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, boils, dermatitis, and many others, rosemary oil has wound-healing effect.It's one of the main components of natural remedies for body psoriasis.

Rosemary normalizes the local metabolism, it stimulates regeneration of damaged skin, has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, revitalizing effect. Restores and strengthens the hair.