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Sarsaparilla For Psoriasis

smilax asperaSarsaparilla is an herb that has many useful pharmacological properties. The healing properties of Smilax (another name sarsaparilla) have been known since ancient times. Sarsaparilla is a shrubby perennial belonging to the lily family. The plant has a strong root system with the main massive root, from which branch off multiple adventitious roots, which can reach one meter in length. Sarsaparilla is spread mainly in the Caucasus. It is worth noting that the locals use not only rootstock of the plants but the young browse as well, which are used as a seasoning. Smilax is a stem with thorns and evergreens. The genus Smilax includes 310 species extended in the most temperate and tropical regions of the Earth. More than 60 species of sarsaparilla grow in China. Smilax can be found in Asia and Africa, some of the similar species found in Europe.

Sarsaparilla benefits

This shrub is best known for its blood purifying qualities. Its healing benefits are known from ancient times. Peruvian chronicles the roots of Smilax describes in such way: “And many of those who had damage in the gut and body - rotten, sipping a glass of recovering these roots ...”. The first mention of this shrub has been found in written source in 1553, in the book “Chronicles of Peru.” It is believed that the author of the book is Hispanic; he described it as a shrub with strong medicinal qualities. The Spanish conquistadors brought the root of Smilax from Europe. Local healers undertook to explore an unknown plant. Until now it’s used only for medicinal purposes. Traditional healers prepare extracts of the Smilax root to cure syphilis and other serious scabs. Before the beginning of the twentieth millennium, Sarsaparilla was widely used as an agent for the syphilis treatment. This reputation, disguised under the term tonic and blood purifier, is kept in the medical circles until now.

PsoEasy products have this important component, Smilax. Sarsaparilla is used in the gradual therapy in the treatment for psoriasis (including pustular psoriasis), ulcers, eczema, erythroderma, pruritus, boils, abscesses, burns, tuberculosis, pustular, papular (syphiloderm, rash, urticaria), vesicular disorders of the skin. It reduces fever, controlled by diabetic diseases including a gangrenous ulcer. According to studies, improvements of 62% of patients and complete healing of 18% were observed after discontinuation of sarsaparilla psoriasis treatment, the state of the skin continues to improve even longer.

Smilax aspera

Sarsaparilla alleviates psoriasis and helps:

  • to avoid depression
  • to get rid of fatigue and tiredness
  • to regulate sexual activity
  • to apply the recuperative effect to the genitals, particularly for male potency
  • to reduce postmenstrual problems
  • to effectively maintain the body's hormonal balance and increase the metabolic rate.

Sarsaparilla root contains anti-rheumatic biologically active anti-inflammatory substances; it helps eliminate urea and uric acid, stimulates sex hormone synthesis and has a tonic effect on the reproductive system. Moreover, it significantly contributes to body psoriasis treatment and is a very potent ingredient. Due to the rich content of saponins of origin hysteroid sarsaparilla can regulate the intimate mechanisms of sexual activity. Therefore, it can be used as an aphrodisiac.