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Following your daily treatment is the key to the successful and effective treatment for eczema, seborrhea, scalp psoriasis or other conditions of the hairy area of the head, including scalp psoriasis treatment. Try our special kit of natural products now. To understand how to treat psoriasis of the scalp naturally we offer you to read the rest of the article.

Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Kit
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Active Shampoo + Scalp Lotion
Scalp Package is a complex treatment of scalp diseases. With this package you save a shipping cost compared to buying all the products separately.
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2 Steps to Effective Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

According to statistics, more than half of people with psoriasis suffer from this disease on the scalp at some point in their lives. Since this area is totally or partially covered with hair, it is rather difficult to apply conventional topical products such as regular creams for scalp psoriasis treatment.

In order to effectively treat skin diseases of the hairy area of the head and carry out an efficient scalp psoriasis treatment, it is generally recommended to use products developed specifically to cure skin diseases of the scalp. There are two stages of scalp psoriasis treatment process. First, clean and purify your scalp with a shampoo by removing traces of psoriasis. Secondly, moisturize and nourish your hairy area by applying a lotion to soothe irritations and strengthen the hair roots.

Clean and purify

PsoEasy Active Shampoo: Daily use of shampoo helps to cleanse your scalp, eliminate most of the layer of skin conditions and remove the bacteria that have accumulated on the scalp. Wet your hair and scalp, then apply PsoEasy Active Shampoo. Squeeze for 1-2 minutes and massage your hairy area, then rinse it off thouroughly. Repeat the procedure for a second time.

Moisturize and nourish

PsoEasy Scalp Lotion: In the case of hair loss (areas of thick and tough peels on the skin), it is recommended to use the scalp lotion as an additional scalp psoriasis treatment. This lotion is made of pure essential oils, which actively soften the skin abrasions of the hairy area and provide scalp psoriasis treatment. In this way, the active ingredients are able to penetrate the skin of the hairy area more easily, which causes their separation from the scalp naturally and without external aggressive intervention.

How to use scalp psoriasis treatment kit


Apply the shampoo on wet hair, massage for 2 min, thoroughly wash it off 


Dry your hair with a clean towel


Put an applicator on the bottle with lotion


 Apply the lotion on wet hair with affected areas, massage 1-2 mins


Don`t rinse off the lotion


For the best effect repeat the procedure 14 consecutive days


Why choose our PsoEasy Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Kit?

Our products are natural
More than 20 natural ingredients
Rich in minerals from the Dead Sea
Contains no cortisone, tar or parabens
Safe for pregnant and lactating women
Safe for children
Can be combined with other treatments
No side effects

Tips to Soothe Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a common skin condition that is often characterized by scaly patches, reddish and thick skin. It can manifest itself in the shape of a single plaque or several, in some cases can even affect your entire  hairy area. It can also spread on the forehead, back of the neck, or behind the ears.

Psoriasis of the hairy area itself does not cause hair loss, but by scratching the scaly patches very often or very strongly, following severe treatments and in a situation of permanent stress we can observe temporary hair loss. Fortunately, your hair usually grows back again once your skin returns to its normal state.

Local treatment should be applied directly to your hairy area. Follow the instructions until your skin heals. This procedure can take 3 weeks or more. Once the symptoms of psoriasis disappear, you can prevent relapses by using PsoEasy Active Shampoo daily or twice a week, as needed.

To ensure a lasting remission of your psoriasis, provide scalp psoriasis treatment and to prevent the appearance of new plaques on your scalp dermatologists recommend to adapt a number of simple gestures during your  treatment:

- Do not scrub your scalp too hard when you apply the shampoo. Excessive friction or scratching can irritate the hairy area.

- Be patient during treatment. The scalp care effect may take a few weeks before the positive effects appear.

- Do not abruptly stop your treatment once you have achieved the desired effect. To prevent relapse, use PsoEasy Active Shampoo with a less intense frequency.

- Avoid using a hair dryer, since hot air can worsen the condition of your dry scalp. Let your hair dry in the open air. If necessary, use your hair dryer only in the cold air position.

- Avoid products containing mint. This popular ingredient used in many shampoos proves harmful during skin problems of the scalp and can worsen the condition of psoriasis.

- You can make a hair color if you use non-chemical products. During periods of flare-up avoid coloring your hair so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

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