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Seasonal skin care


Fall is the time when cold comes back. Most people are more exposed to contracting viral diseases in this particular season. There's a range of infections that can bring about skin diseases emergence of their relapse. Therefore, one needs to pay special attention to their health condition and monitor the changes it undergoes.

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Winter cold and dry air makes our skin more sensitive which increases your chance to develop skin diseases. Most often, acute forms of skin diseases manifest themselves in winter period. Therefore, one needs to pay as much attention as possible to skin care and protect their skin from cold and wind impact.

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As spring comes, the air gets warmer and gains much moisture. These factors improve the condition of skin exhausted by harsh winter weather. This season prompts us to put on open clothes and this is what makes people with vivid signs of skin diseases feel embarrassed. It’s important to choose garments that can cover skin lesions.

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Summer is the most favorable season for people suffering form skin diseases due to sun rays having a positive impact on the disease course. A short-time exposure to the sun helps partly of totally get rid of skin disease symptoms but for a small time period. However, a prolonged ultraviolet exposure may aggravate the skin condition.

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Viruses attack

The impact of cold

Warm weather is back!

Sun influence

Dull or yellowish shade of the skin layer, skin irritation , red spots, roughness, dryness and natural skin tone loss - these are the symptoms of skin imbalance

We recommend to:

  • Fortify your immune system
  • Make your nutrition healthy
  • Practice relaxation methods on a regular basis (deep breathing, yoga or meditation)
  • Devote the necessary amount of time to sleep and relaxation
  • Apply sun protection cream containing as much as 15 SPF.
  • Try to avoid stress
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We recommend to moisturize your skin several times a day with PsoEasy cream

Severe flaking or excessive skin shine, irritated areas, rough and windy skin, cracks are the most common symptoms of winter harsh impact on your skin

We recommend to:

  • Use an air moisturizer in premises
  • Turn down air heaters at night( chill air doesn't dry your skin)
  • Drink liquids more in order to avoid dehydration
  • Don't forget about sun protection cream
  • While taking a shower or bath, do not let the water be too hot
  • Moisturize your skin every day
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We recommend to moisturize your skin with PsoEasy cream and oil, as for the face, use PsoEasy soap on a regular basis

Skin hypersensitivity and excessive dryness, flaking, irritation, skin layer thickening... All these signs tell your skin that spring has come.

We recommend to:

  • Your clothes have to be comfy and should cover affected skin areas
  • It's advisable to wear natural material clothes rather than those of synthetic
  • Protect yourselves from insect bites that may trigger skin problems
  • Purify your organizm
  • Supplement your ration with vitamins and microelements
  • Massage sessions help improve the skin tone of the face blood circulation
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We recommend to moisturize your skin with PsoEasy cream and PsoEasy oil right after shower

Skin dehydration, enlarged pores, sun burns, hyperpigmentation, untimely skin aging are the telltales of summer influence on your skin

We recommend to:

  • Limit the sun impact on your skin (not more than 10-20 minutes a day)
  • Remember that some drugs increase your sun allergy
  • Apply sun protection cream with the protection index not lower than 30
  • Sea water has a positive impact on the skin whereas chemical contents in a swimming pool may trigger irritation and overdrying
  • Be sure to take a shower after swimming
  • Don't wash your face with cold water
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We recommend to apply PsoEasy cream after shower