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Shea butter for psoriasis

shea butter psoriasisShea butter, also known as karite, is valuable botanical oil. It is extracted from the seeds of the tree of the same name. The area of shea growing covers the Eastern, Central and Western Africa.

Shea butter benefits

Shea butter is one of the most popular cosmetic oils with a wide range of applications for the face and body.
Unrefined Shea butter is an environmentally friendly component, with excellent protective, softening and moisturizing effect which is very effective for psoriasis treatment.

Shea butter is a source of vitamins A and E, necessary for the normal condition of our skin.
Vitamin A promotes regeneration (renewal) of cells, making the skin rejuvenated. Also, vitamin A effectively soothes and nourishes dry, acne, gaunt skin.
Vitamin E slows the aging process and reduces the risk of appearance of cancer cells due to its antioxidant properties, improves microcirculation.

Use of Shea Butter is effectively shown in the following cases:

  • for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis; it greatly contributes to body psoriasis treatment in particular
  •  for the treatment of burns, bruises, wounds, with muscle aches and sprains;
  •  for pain in the joints has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect;
  •  protects the skin from the negative external influences – heat (natural UV filter), cold, radiation and the sun;
  •  helps to restore the skin after peeling sunburn;
  •  softens the rough skin of hands, heals the cracks on the lips, heels;
  •  excellently heals diaper rash in infants;
  •  helps to improve circulation, during a massage;
  •  for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy;
  •  helps to prevent the appearance of scars;
  •  soothes sensitive skin after insect bites, irritations, or after shaving.

Besides, Shea butter can be used as a rejuvenating tonic for flaccid, flabby and sagging skin, and generally for mature face, which already have wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is caused by its regenerative properties, and also affects synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin, which are primarily responsible for its elasticity.

Shea butter helps for a pretty short period to smooth facial wrinkles on the face and considerably improve tone, elasticity and overall freshness of the skin.

Shea butter for skin

As shown by numerous studies, regular use of Shea butter prevents many skin problems, including its diseases.

In particular, Shea butter can also be used as therapeutic and preventive agent for various outer skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema), or for the early healing of burns, cracks, wounds and cuts on the skin.

Shea butter is considered the best moisturizer in the world. Triglycerides contribute moisturizing and protecting of the skin from adverse external influences. Fatty acids are needed for humidification and preservation of skin elasticity, have regenerative properties and stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin. It is suitable for care of all skin types (even for overly sensitive).