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Over 20 Ingredients
in our formula
mahonia for psoriasis
Mahonia aquifolium
Antibacterial and rich with oxyacanthine
calendula for psoriasis
Calendula officinalis
Effective for treating acne, dermatitis
sarsaparilla for treatment of psoriasis
Smilax aspera
Disinfects and treats skin problems
tea tree oil for psoriasis
Tea tree oil
Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
nettle for new psoriasis treatment
Assists for chronic skin diseases
wheat germ oil for psoriasis treatment
Wheat germ oil
Antioxidant, nourishes the skin
chamomile for psoriasis
Heals skin ulcers, wounds and burns
rosemary for psoriasis as a great over the counter psoriasis treatment
Antifungal and anti-inflammatory
goldenseal for psoriasis
Golden seal
Effective for treating skin disorders
chickweed for psoriasis
Soothes the skin, heals wounds
sea buckthorn oil for best treatment for psoriasis
Sea-buckthorns oil
Anti-aging agent and revitalizer of the skin
arniсa for psoriasis
Soothes inflammation and pain and is highly effective in treatment for psoriasis
lavender oil for psoriasis
Lavandula oil
Disinfectant / antibacterial agent
aloe vera for psoriasis
Aloe vera
Stimulates wound healing
african palm oil for psoriasis
African palm tree oil
Repairs damaged and eroded cells
shea butter for psoriasis natural treatment
Shea butter
Anti-inflammatory, helps blur scar marks
grapeseed oil for psoriasis
Grape seed oil
Nourishes and protects the skin
camphor for psoriasis
Camphor oil
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
dead sea minerals and psoriasis
Dead Sea Salt
Calm the skin, remove toxics, heal wounds
vitamin d for treatment for psoriasis
Vitamin D in psoriasis light treatment
Soothes erythema of the skin
in our formula
dead sea salt for psoriasis
Minerals of the Dead Sea
Mud, minerals and salt (potassium)


psoriasis itching at nightVery often the night is the most difficult and important time of the day in the life of people with psoriasis. During the day you can control yourself and refrain from scratching plaques, and at night this process ceases to be controlled and you can do to your skin a lot more damage than during the day. Peeling plaques leaves blood spots on the bed  and may lead to even greater inflammation.

Also, scratching the skin during sleep can trigger the disease spread through the body of the patient (Koebner phenomenon) and thus worsen the condition.

In addition, lack of sleep and poor sleep worrying interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system and lead to stress, which in turn provokes the exacerbation of psoriasis. Thus, patients get into a vicious circle – the more severe form of the disease, the worse the sleep, the worse the sleep, the more difficult the illness.

How to care for skin at night?

- During sleep it is recommended to wear gloves made of cotton fabric in order to not have much opportunity to comb psoriatic plaques;

- At night you can apply dressings with healing moisturizers containing natural remedies for psoriasis that will help to protect the skin and facilitate the process of removing the scales under the morning shower;

- Taking of antihistamines (medicines preventing or eliminating the symptoms of allergy will help to relieve the itching and will have widespread effects, improving the quality of sleep - before taking drugs you should consult with a doctor;

- It is necessary to eliminate the use of alcohol, which causes acute condition and badly affects the quality of sleep;

- It is recommended to exclude caffeine and caffeinated products;

- It is necessary to follow the sleep mode, since the body needs to know when it’s time to relax.

It is important to set the proper sleep mode. This is also a great treatment for psoriasis. It is necessary to sleep at least eight hours a day, go to bed at the same time, and pre-ventilate the room. It is also recommended daily 2-3 hours walk in the fresh air. It calms the nervous system, deepens sleep.

psoriasis and stress

Psoriasis And Stress

Although psoriasis is a condition of the immune system, there are variety of triggers that can cause it to appear. One of those triggers is stress.

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psoriasis and weather

Nature vibes and psoriasis

Some people with psoriasis find that weather can cause changes in their symptoms. So not to look for treatment for psoriasis, there are several techniques you can use to control flare-ups.

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psoeasy combined with other treatments, including light treatment for psoriasis

Psoeasy Combined With Other Treatments

On a Clinical efficacy study that we made with a Dermatologist specialized with skin problems, we came to the conclusion that...

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sleeping with psoriasis

Sleeping With Psoriasis

Very often the night is the most difficult and important time of the day in the life of people with psoriasis.

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otc treatment

Over-the-counter medicine for psoriasis

The cure for psoriasis is a general term that comprises a range of drugs for this disease that can facilitate living with psoriasis but has no power to ultimately cure it.

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